MCDL Policies

People in the Library Have the Right to Expect

Courteous Behavior
Reasonable Talking Levels
Appropriate Language
Respect for People and Property
A Clean Environment

Accessing Account Information

The Medina County District Library recognizes that its circulation records, member registration records and other records identifying the names of library users with specific materials or queries are confidential in nature.

To access account information:

In Person

A person in possession of a library card has full access to all patron information pertaining to that card. No further verification is necessary. A person possessing only the library card number needs to provide verifying information (Password or D.O.B.). A person without a library card or library card number is required to give verification: driver’s license or state/federal ID. To receive information about another person’s library record: No member information can be given to a third party unless that person is in possession of the member’s library card or library card number with verifying information (Password or D.O.B. of the member owning the card). To receive information about a minor’s library record: The only exception to the previous paragraph is if a minor child’s parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian requests library record information for that minor. The parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian must provide a photo ID and verifying information (D.O.B. and address of the minor).

By Telephone

To receive information about one’s own record: In order to access information over the telephone, a person is required to verify the following: library card number and D.O.B. or Password. To receive information about another person’s library record: No member information can be given over the telephone to a third party unless that person is in possession of the member’s library card number with verifying information (Password or D.O.B. of the member owning the card). No personal information, including address and/or telephone number, of a member shall be made available to any agency, including state, federal or local government, except in accordance with a subpoena, search warrant, or other court order or to a law enforcement officer who is acting in the scope of the officer’s law enforcement duties and who is investigating a matter involving public safety in exigent circumstances. House Bill 389 specifically prohibits the disclosure of information about the public records of adult library users, but the law states that the records of a minor are available to her/his parents, guardians or custodians.

Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are the rights of a member to charge out library materials on his/her card. Unrestricted accounts have a maximum of 50 items on the account at any given time including no more than 5 video games. Borrowing privileges are granted to a member in possession of a third party's library card (i.e. spouse, parent, friend). Possession of a third party's library card indicates permission to use the library card unless the library card has been reported as lost or stolen. Borrowing privileges are granted to a member in possession of a library card number and verifying information (driver’s license, state ID, D.O.B. or Password). In order to receive borrowing privileges without a library card or verified library card number, the member must give the following information: name, address and either birth date or drivers license or state ID. Restricted Borrowing Privileges: A parent/legal guardian/legal custodian may complete a Change of Borrowing Privileges form to restrict a minor’s borrowing privileges.

Library Card Statuses

Barred Card - Borrowing privileges are suspended by staff, and must be reinstated by staff.

Blocked Card - Borrowing privileges are automatically suspended and automatically restored when the account is in good standing. If in collections, account must be paid down to $0 to regain good standing.

Deleted Card - If a library card has not been used 3 years after expiration, the record may be deleted. A card number may be manually deleted from the system at the request of a member or the parent/legal guardian/legal custodian of a minor.

Delinquent Card - Bills and/or overdue materials will cause a card to be delinquent. Borrowing privileges are maintained.

Expired Card - A members card privileges will automatically expire every 5 years. Privileges are extended upon confirmation of his/her address and telephone number.

Lost Card - Upon notification and verification by the card holder, the account is barred. To receive a replacement card, a member must present identification and pay a fee of $.50.

Worn or Damaged Card - A worn or damaged library card will be replaced free of charge.

Blocked Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges will be suspended in the event that a member's card becomes blocked. Overdue or lost items from other libraries may cause a library card to become blocked based on the owning library's policies. Once a member pays the fines and fees or returns items bringing the total below the limits, items may be charged to his/her card. If in collections, account must be paid down to $0 to regain good standing. Each individual card-holder is responsible for all items charged on his/her card. An account becomes blocked when: A member has 50 items charged to their account at one time. A member has 25 overdues on their account. A member has more than $9.99 charged to his/her account. This amount may be any combination of unpaid bills and fees for missing and assumed lost items. A member is in collections.


Fine per item per day: $0.10

Maximum fine per item: $3.00**

** Wi-Fi Hotspot: fine per day $5/maximum fine $35

A fine is a fee assessed for overdue library materials. Fines are assessed on a daily basis with a maximum rate based on the overdue material. Fines are not charged on Sunday or on days the library is closed. Members with Golden Buckeye, Teen and 3 for Me Cards are exempt from daily overdue fines but fees for lost and damaged items do accrue. AV material will not be discharged from the member’s card until all items in the set are returned or paid for as lost material. Overdue fines will accrue until this time. Please note that these fines only apply to materials owned by MCDL.

Materials from other libraries may have different fine rates and loan periods.


Fees are charged to a member’s account when an item is reported or assumed lost or returned damaged beyond repair. The catalog record for an item will indicate the replacement price in the event that the material has been lost or damaged beyond repair.
Some parts or pieces of select items may be replaced for a fee if lost or damaged.
Replacement Costs
  AV artwork, case or container $2.00  
Audiobook (per CD replaced) $8.00
Discovery Packs, each item in bag $5.00
OCLC Interloans* $25.00
Playaway Launchpad charger $15.00
Playaway View charger $10.00
Wi-Fi Hotspot $200.00

* OCLC replacement price is temporarily $25.00 until the actual value is of the item is determined.

When the actual cost of the item is received, the price will be adjusted on the member’s record. Payment for lost or damaged OCLC interloans must be made at the Medina Library. Clevnet member libraries may charge processing fees in the event of loss or damage to that library’s materials. If an item is returned within 30 days after payment was made, a refund less $3.00 processing fee will be given. The returned item must be accompanied by the dated receipt received upon paying for the item. No refund will be given without the receipt or after the 30 day period. The refund check will be mailed to the member by the Business Office. MCDL cannot refund payment for a lost item from any other Clevnet library. The filing of a bankruptcy case automatically stays collection and other actions against the debtor’s property. A Court notice of a member bankruptcy must be sent to the MCDL Business Office.

Loan Period

The loan period for items you have checked out are listed on your receipt.  MCDL Loan Periods - the number of days an item may be kept before overdue fines begin to accrue.

MCDL Loan Periods
  Books 21 days  
New books 14 days
DVDs/Blu-Rays and Videos Game 14 days
Books on CD and CDs 21 days
Baskets/Bags 21 days
Outreach materials/C.O.R.E. 42 days
Playaway Views/Launchpads 14 days
Wi-Fi Hotspot 14 days

Vacation loans can be granted for up to eight weeks. Only MCDL owned items can be vacation loaned. No MCDL materials are ever due on Sundays or when the library is closed for a holiday. The item will be due back on the next open day. If the Bookmobile fails to come to a regularly scheduled stop, the materials members have due on that date will not be considered overdue if returned to the bookmobile at the next scheduled stop at that location. Please note that these loan periods only apply to materials owned by MCDL.

Materials from other libraries may have different fine rates and loan periods.


The library does not control information on the Internet, and cannot be held responsible for its content.  Users are advised to use caution when sending personal information. Selected workstations are filtered to block access to objectionable material. MCDL does not guarantee that the filtered workstations will block all objectionable material. Members may not display on screens or printers sexually explicit graphics or other objectionable materials.

Parents or legal guardians of minors are responsible for the child’s use of the Internet at the Library.  MCDL staff cannot be held responsible for supervising minors while they are using the Internet.

Use which damages equipment and/or software is prohibited and may result in legal action.

The user is solely responsible for any possible infringement of copyright laws; the Library disclaims any responsibility or liability that results from such action.

The use of this service to engage in any activity, which constitutes violation of local, state and/or federal laws, is strictly prohibited.

Users violating these guidelines will be asked to stop.  If the violation continues, the user will forfeit the right to use the Internet access station and be asked to leave the Library.

Users of MCDL’s electronic resources agree to hold the Medina County District Library harmless for any and all claims, losses, damages, obligation, or liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the use of the Internet or workstations.

MCDL reserves the right to regulate the use of workstations and reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time. Members are allowed to print 5 free pages per day on MCDL public computers.


Medina County District Library welcomes events ideas and submissions from the public. All submissions will be reviewed according to the Library Event Policy by the Library Events Coordinator and library branch representatives on a quarterly schedule.

To submit an event, please fill out the Presenter Application. Because of the volume of submissions, we may be unable to directly respond to each person.

Unattended Children

Medina County District Library welcomes children. Staff members are available to help children use library materials and services. The Library, however, is not able to provide child care.

For the safety and comfort of children,parents or adult caregivers should be with their children while they are using the Library. While in the Library, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring and regulating the
behavior of their children.

Library staff will notify the parent or caregiver when:

    The child is frightened or anxious while alone in the Library

    The child’s health or safety may be in danger

    The child’s behavior disturbs others

    The child has not been met by a parent or adult caregiver at closing time.

At closing time, if a parent or guardian cannot be located and attempts to contact them by phone are unsuccessful, the police will be notified.

When necessary, the Library will work with other agencies, such as the local police department or Child Protective Services, to assist a child whose needs are greater than what the Library can reasonably provide.

Call 330-722-6235 ext. 2908 for more information.