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New Books for Babies & Toddlers

Is Your Child Ready to Learn?

The path to success in school begins before the first day of kindergarten. Help your child get on track with these skills and they will be ready to learn.


Can your child:

Identify UPPER and lowercase letters

Point out individual letters in words

Recognize beginning sound matches (bat, book, bus)

Produce rhyming words (bat, cat, hat)

Recognize the title of a book

Read left to right and top to bottom

Name and find common shapes

Retell stories (beginning, middle, end)

Use descriptive language (soft, loud, sweet)

Count to 20

Read environmental words (exit, stop, open)

Recite at least 8 nursery rhymes

For more daily activities to do with your child, download our Early Literacy Monthly Calendar:

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Discover the Magic of Learning…

Storytimes for Babies & Young Children
Introduce your child to the love of reading. Sessions are held throughout the year. Register for Storytimes

Public Computers – Available at all MCDL locations, complete with

Early Literacy Stations – Educational computers designed for kids ages 2-8, featuring over 60 educational programs, covering Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Art, Music, History and more!

Medina County R.O.C.K.S. (Reading Opportunities Create Kindergarten Success)
Medina County R.O.C.K.S. is an interactive workshop series for parents and their kindergarten-age children. Each workshop has informational speakers for parents, interactive programs for children and reading readiness activities that parents and children complete together. Learn more

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