Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?

library card

Library card applications are available at all MCDL locations. You must be an Ohio resident to register for a library card. A photo ID with your name and current address, such as a driver’s license or State of Ohio ID must be presented. A photo ID without the current address must be accompanied by personal mail received within four weeks of the application date, digital or printed.

For a minor (under age 18) to receive a card with full borrowing privileges, a parent or guardian must sign and present a photo with current address such as a driver’s license or State of Ohio ID. Photo ID without the current address must be accompanied by mail received within four weeks of the application date, digital or printed. The minor applicant must also be present.

An online application is now available.

Learn more about Fines and Fees policy.

MCDL offers additional card types to fit your borrowing needs:

Temporary Card
This card is designed for adults who are unable to secure a regular account. Temporary Cards are useful for new residents without proof of current address and temporary residents. Temporary cards have a hold and checkout limit of three items, expire after six months, and cannot be used to check out Mobile Hotspots or video games. The account may be converted to a full privilege account once proof of current address is provided.

MCDL's eCard accesses remotely accessible electronic resources, including online resources, downloadable eBooks, audio, video and music. Apply for an MCDL eCard. Note: The eCard is limited to digital resources; a standard card allows you all the benefits of an eCard along with full access to physical material.

3 for Me Card
This card can be used by children 12 and under to check out three children’s books, use the library computers, ebooks, digital movies and music and access databases that require a library card. No ID or parental signature is required. Holds cannot be placed. Overdue fines do not apply, but fees for lost and damaged materials do apply; the fee limit is $10.00. A child may have a 3 for Me Card in addition to their regular library card. The 3 for Me Card can only be used at MCDL locations.

Teen Card
This card can be used by teens 13 to 17 to check out three books, use the library computers, ebooks, digital movies and music and access databases that require a library card. No ID or parental signature is required. Holds cannot be placed. Overdue fines do not apply, but fees for lost and damaged materials do apply; the fee limit is $10.00. A teen may have a Teen Card in addition to their regular library card. The Teen Card can only be used at MCDL locations.

Educator Card
In addition to their personal account, educators may apply for an Educator Card at a circulation desk or apply via our online form. This account allows up to 100 items to be checked out. DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games cannot be checked out on these cards. Educator cards have a longer loan period of 28 days for all regular materials. Other CLEVNET library materials due dates will apply. The fee limit is $10.00. Overdue fines will accrue on these accounts.

Who can use my card or get information on my account?

A person in possession of a library card has full access to all account information. If you do not have your library card or card number with you, please present a photo ID (parent’s ID for a minor child) at the circulation desk.

A parent may access their child’s account by presenting their photo ID at the circulation desk.

If you are calling about your account, please have your library card number ready.

What is a Password and how does it work?

Your PIN/Password is the last 4 digits of your phone number unless you have chosen a different one. The library’s automated services such as the catalog, copy/print stations and Check Out Stations will ask for your PIN/Password. The PIN/Password increases the security of your library card.

To change PIN/Password, go to My Account or visit any of our branch locations and ask a library staff member.

What are the borrowing limits on my library card?

Unrestricted accounts allow a maximum of 50 items on the account at any given time including no more than five video games, one Mobile Hotspot, two Early Literacy Kits and one Discovery Pack.

Educator accounts allow a maximum of 100 checkouts including no more than five video games, one Mobile Hotspot, two Early Literacy Kits and one Discovery Pack.

3 for Me and TEEN accounts allow a maximum of 3 checkouts.

E-Cards are limited to e-material only and may have a maximum of 50 checkouts.

What are the loan periods for library materials?

Most MCDL materials check out for 3 weeks. Mobile Hotspots, Movies, Magazines, New books, Launchpads and Playaway views check out for 2 weeks. Materials from other CLEVNET libraries may have different due dates. Please refer to your check out receipt or My Account. Overdue fines will accrue at the owning library's fine rate.

How do I reserve library materials?

You can reserve materials through the library catalog, or a staff member can assist you in person or on the phone. Please have your library card number ready.

If I check out a book at one location can I return it to my local library?

Yes, you may return and renew items at any Medina County District Library. Library materials may also be returned at Buehler’s in Medina or at any CLEVNET library.

How do I renew library materials?

Library materials may be renewed online at My Account, at any of our locations on a Check Out Station, with staff assistance, or over the phone (please have your library card number ready).

Library materials will automatically renew the day before the due date. Some material may not be renewable. For those items that are not renewable, members will receive a courtesy notice the day before the due date.

How many times can I renew library materials?

With the exception of special collections, MCDL library materials can be renewed five times. Other CLEVNET library’s materials may have different renewal policies. Items that have reserves placed on them by other members cannot be renewed. You cannot renew items if you have overdue fines totaling $10.00 or more, if you have 25 or more items that are overdue, or if activity has been blocked on your account.

What are the overdue fines for library materials?

Our Fines and Fees policy. Materials from other CLEVNET libraries incur the owning library’s fees. MCDL items do not incur fines on Sundays or days when the library is closed (holidays, special events). The maximum fine per item is $3.00**.

** Wi-Fi Hotspot: fine per day $5/maximum fine $35

How can I pay my library fines?

Library fines can be paid at any MCDL location by cash, check or credit card.

Payments may also be made online with a credit/debit card. Access My Account at

Payments by check can also be mailed to the library:
Medina County District Library
Attn: Circulation Dept.
210 S. Broadway St.
Medina, OH 44256
Please include the library card number on the check.

Does the library use a collection agency?

Yes, the library contracts with Unique Management to recover fines and fees. If an account totals more than $25.00 for three weeks or longer, Unique Management will contact you regarding collection. A $10.00 non-refundable referral fee will be added to the account. The account will be blocked until the balance is fully paid. Please contact the library if you have any questions about your account.

How can I check the status of my library account?

You can check your account online and at any MCDL location. To check your account online, from the homepage click on My Account. You will be prompted for your library card number and PIN, or login name and password. You can also sign up for a weekly status email about your library account. With email notification, you will receive a courtesy notice of “items due in one day.”

What does it mean if my card is delinquent, barred or blocked?

Bills and/or overdue materials will cause a card to be delinquent or blocked. A delinquent library card can still be used. A card becomes blocked at $10.00 in fees, when 50 items are checked out, or when 25 items are overdue. If an account is in collections, the balance must be paid to zero before borrowing privileges are restored. A barred or blocked library card cannot be used to borrow physical materials, however eMedia and the library's online databases may still be accessed.

What does it mean if my card is expired?

MCDL cards expire every 5 years, allowing the library to update your contact information. The card cannot be used until we receive confirmation of address, telephone number and email if applicable. You may renew your card via our online form or by visiting your local branch.

How do I inform the library if I change my address?

If you change your address, please contact the library in person, by phone or email. Please provide your account number when making changes.

What do I do if I have lost or damaged library materials?

If you have lost or damaged library materials, you will need to pay the cost of the item as well as any overdue fines associated with the item. Beginning November 1, 2019, no refunds will be given for items paid for or returned after being paid as lost.

Please note that other CLEVNET library refund policies will follow their material.

What do I do if my library card is lost or stolen?

Please call 330-725-0588, or any MCDL location to report a lost or stolen card. You are responsible for all items checked out on your library card, so please make your report as soon as possible.

Does the library have book drops?

All MCDL locations have book drops available for the return of borrowed materials.

The borrower remains responsible for items until they are checked in; therefore, if a book drop is full or jammed, do not leave items hanging out of the book drop or outside the library. You will not be charged an overdue fine for items returned in the book drop after hours on the due date.

How do I reserve a meeting room?

You can reserve MCDL meeting rooms online. Meeting rooms are free for non-profit groups and may be reserved for private or corporate functions at a cost of $20 per hour with a minimum of two hours.

Can I register to vote at the library?

Voter registration forms are available online and at all MCDL locations.

Does the library have computers available for internet and word processing, and does the library have Wi-Fi?

Computers at each of our locations are equipped with internet access and Microsoft Office 2016 software, including Word, Excel, Access and Power Point. A valid library card is required to use the library's computers. Guest access is available for out of town visitors.

Free wireless service is available in all of the library’s facilities. You may bring in your own laptop or check out a laptop to use in the library, as available.

What are my responsibilities when using MCDL's internet services?

Parents are asked to assume responsibility for their children's use of internet web sites at the library. Library members must adhere to applicable laws when using library computers.

Does the library have printers and copiers?

All branches have copy, print, FAX and scan capabilities. Medina, Brunswick and Lodi branches have color printers, color copy and color scan capability. Fax and scan services are free. The Library only sends faxes. It does not receive faxes for members. Scans may be sent to an email or saved to a flash drive. Costs for printing/copying in B/W is $0.10 and $0.50 for color. With an MCDL library card you are able to print 5 free black and white or 1 color print per day.

Does the library offer any special services for teachers?

Visit the Educational Services page to learn more about the materials and services available for teachers.

How do I download eBooks and music?

Visit our eMedia page for links to downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, streaming music & movies, and more.

Does the library provide any services to people who are unable to visit the library?

Outreach Services provides many alternatives for people who cannot visit the library. Outreach provides books, music and movies to senior communities and care facilities. For more information, visit the Outreach Services page.

How do I contact library staff with my question?

Call Medina Library at 330-725-0588 or any of our branch locations. Ask us a question from our online suggestion box or call one of our locations. Your question will be answered by staff from MCDL libraries.

How do I research a topic or find an article?

On our Research & Learning page, you'll see a variety of subject areas and a listing of our databases. Most require you to enter your library card number, and many are available for use outside the library. Databases include resources and publications that are not available through a simple Google search. Additional information may be found at CLEVNET Research Databases page.

To find books and other library materials on a topic, visit the Library Catalog. You will be prompted to enter your library card number and password. Enter your keywords, author, or title to begin your search. For eBooks and downloadable audiobooks, click the eMedia tab below the search box.

Does the library offer story times? For what ages?

Each library offers: Preschool, Toddler, Lapsit, and Family Story Times. View story times on our Event Calendar.

How do I find events?

The library's Events Calendar lets you search for events of all types, such as story times, author visits, technology training and more. You can narrow your search to a specific location and a specific day.

Does the library have book sales?

For dates and locations of book sales and how to become a Friend of the Library, visit the Friends of the Library page.