Recording Studio

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Use the audio equipment to record, compose, and mix your own music, podcasts, voice tracks, and more. The equipment is free to use, just bring a flash drive to save your files. Purchase a flash drive for $5 at the Customer Service Desk.

The Recording Studio is located at Lodi Library. Recording Studio users are guaranteed a minimum of two hours per session and may continue past two hours if no one else is waiting. For questions, call 330-948-1885.

Equipment, Software & Features

  • Mac computer station
  • GarageBand and Reaper software
  • Microphones, pop filter, and headphones
  • Effects box, DI box, and Scarlett audio interface
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Two external speakers


  • No food or drink in the studio.
  • Library Rules of Conduct apply.
  • Complete online training before first use. Please become familiar with the GarageBand or Reaper software and Recording Studio hardware. Go to Research & Learning page to access the course GarageBand Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning. The training is four hours, but viewing Getting Started lessons will provide enough instruction to begin working in the Studio. Please note: library staff is unable to provide training or assistance in the use of Recording Studio software and equipment.