Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Located in the Lodi Library, the Recording Studio allows users to record, compose, and mix their own music and record, podcasts, voice tracks and more.


  • Mac computer station
  • GarageBand and Reaper software
  • Professional microphones, pop filter and headphones
  • Effects box, DI box and Scarlett audio mixer
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Two external speakers


  • No food or drink in the studio.
  • Library Rules of Conduct apply.
  • Complete online training before use.
    Please become familiar with the Garage Band or Reaper software and Recording Studio hardware prior to first use.  Go to Research & Learning page to access the GarageBand Essential Training Course on  The training is 4 hours, but viewing Getting Started lessons will provide enough instruction to begin working in the Studio.

Please note: library staff is unable to provide training or assistance in the use of recording studio software and equipment.

Studio users are guaranteed a minimum of two hours per session and may continue past two hours if no one else is waiting.