Art at MCDL

Brunswick Library

40th Annual Medina Needlework Guild Show
Sept. 16 - 17 - Enter a needlework creation in this juried show. Entries accepted Sept. 14 at Brunswick Library 10:00 am - 7:45 pm. Junior category for ages 18 and under. View full details here.

Head 2 Head
Oct. 2 - 28 - Artist Milan Kerman explores the human race through the human face taking two historical figures with a common link and creating one portrait with two faces. 

Highland Library

Look for future shows at this location.

Lodi Library

Look for future shows at this location.

Medina Library

B. Smith Gallery

Anything Goes
Sept. 4 - Oct. 1 - Women in Art work in a variety of mediums to create art that makes them happy and reflects their feelings, familiarity, and friendship.

Oct. 9 - Nov. 5 - The PerSisters celebrate their individuality on their continuing journey of discovery and self expression with works in a variety of mediums.

The Color of Light
Nov. 13 - Dec. 10 - Cuyahoga Valley Plein Air Painters show works featuring the natural light and landscape of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


Gallery Spaces

Medina County District Library features four premium art galleries able to display the work of talented artists.

the B. Smith GalleryMedina Library Gallery, known as the B. Smith Gallery, is located on the third floor of the library. The gallery hosts monthly shows in a beautiful space filled with abundant natural light. The gallery hosts national shows, the Medina County Art League's annual Aquarius show in February, and exhibits from local artist and groups.

Thanks to the Medina County Arts Council, the B. Smith Gallery now houses an art display case that allows three-dimensional art to be safely shown.

display caseHighland Library Gallery features exhibits in partnership with the Cliffside Artist Collaborative and other local artists.

Lodi Library and Brunswick Library Galleries are located in the libraries' Community Rooms.

Interested in showcasing your art at one of MCDL's four gallery spaces?
Please view this link. If you have future interest or questions, please email

Medina County District Library locations feature beautiful, original art on permanent display within the libraries.

Here is a sample of the featured art you will find in MCDL locations.


Mapleside by Charles Basham
by Charles Basham
Brunswick Library

Unusual Weather by Bob Pozarski
Unusual Weather
by Bob Pozarski
Brunswick Library


Untitled by Kathy Lapso
by Kathy Lapso
Buckeye Library

Want by Bruce Biro
by Bruce Biro
Buckeye Library


The World of Books by John Ascherl
The World of Books
by John Ascherl
Highland Library

Franklin Bates Collection by Franklin Bates
Franklin Bates Collection
by Franklin Bates
Lodi Library


Untitled Dichroic Glass by Leonard Marty
Untitled Dichroic Glass
by Leonard Marty
Lodi Library

Chippewa Creek:<br />Spring Continuum by Yulia Hanansen
Chippewa Creek:
Spring Continuum
by Yulia Hanansen
Medina Library


Elm Farm Frederick C. Graff
Elm Farm
by Frederick C. Graff
Medina Library

The Giants of Seville by Dan Andreasen
The Giants of Seville
by Dan Andreasen
Seville Library


The MCDL Art Guide, available at all locations, allows art lovers to tour the libraries, enjoying the art and learning about the pieces along the way.